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Brass Nordic Glass Chandelier

Brass Nordic Glass Chandelier

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Introducing our Scandinavian Glass Chandelier, a stunning addition to any modern home. Crafted with high-quality iron, this chandelier boasts a sleek and sophisticated design that is sure to impress. The chandelier features an unintelligent smart type and is equipped with LED lights as the light source, providing energy-efficient and long-lasting illumination. 

 The chandelier is available in three lighting color options: green I copper-plated chassis, green I pure copper chassis, and transparent I copper-plated chassis. The lamp shape is a unique fish line chandelier, adding a touch of elegance to any room. 

The lamp head is made of brass, while the lampshade is made of glass, creating a beautiful contrast between the two materials. The chandelier comes with a push-button switch and an adjustable height of 1.5 meters, making it easy to customize to your desired height. The chandelier is designed to cover an irradiation area of 5㎡ -10㎡, providing ample lighting for any space. The chandelier is available with or without a light source, and for those who opt for the light source, it comes with a 4W LED warm light. The wire length is standard at 1.5 meters, but it is adjustable, and customers can contact our customer service team if they need to lengthen it. 

*Please note that due to the limitations of the glass production process, there may be small bubbles inside the lampshade, and there may be a small amount of chipping at the opening of the lamp head. However, this is a normal phenomenon and should not affect the overall beauty and functionality of the chandelier.*

 In summary, our Scandinavian Glass Chandelier is a beautiful and functional lighting fixture that is perfect for any modern home. With its sleek design, energy-efficient LED lights, and adjustable height, it is sure to impress and provide ample lighting for any space.

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